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Group Coaching

Establishing a successful wellness business can be an overwhelming experience without an ongoing support system.  Going through this process alone can keep you in a perpetual state of stress and struggle and is not the optimal way to success and prosperity.

If you've found this to be true, I invite you to experience the benefits of an inspired support network through one of my live or virtual group services.  Group services are ideal for you if you want support through a group format as you build your wellness business.  With this type of support:

  • you'll enjoy the power of group energy, which will raise and amplify your own energy and its effects;

  • you'll be able to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of a group of peers, while supporting and being supported by others; 

  • you'll have the opportunity to be coached directly and receive "borrowed benefits" while others are being coached; 

  • you'll stretch and grow, with the support of the group through good times and challenging times as you build your practice;  and 

  • you'll have a platform for personal responsibility, accountability and achievement of your business goals.

***2018 Update: The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Group Program is currently closed to new participants.  Please contact me through the contact page of this website if you'd like to be put on a waiting list for a spot in the group program or if you'd like further information.***

10 per cent of Anam Turas' annual net profits are loaned
to small business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Thank you for supporting my mission to help build an economy based on wellness, love, joy and service!


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