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Perhaps You Can Relate to One
of These Scenarios:

  • You currently work at an unfulfilling job to bring in money and are not pursuing your real passion and calling -- your healing work -- or you're pursuing it part-time. You'd love to have a full-time, flourishing wellness business, but you're having difficulty with this transition (or you don't believe you can make it).
  • You've had a healing business for years, but it still hasn't really "taken off", and you're barely making enough money to cover your basic needs. You're ready to experience some big breakthroughs, but you're feeling stuck and unsure about how to move forward.

As a fellow lightworker, I know that the Source of all wisdom is within you. At a deep level, you know what to do to progress. You know what's true for you -- you're the "expert" in your business and your life. 

I also know, from first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, that there's a learning curve when it comes to operating and growing a business. And I know how challenging it can be to walk a "path of balance" between learning and applying external business principles and strategies and tuning into and following your own inner guidance.  

On top of that, you can't always see your own blind spots and how you keep yourself "small" and, sometimes, you lose focus and have trouble sustaining ongoing accountability to yourself and your dreams.

Shorten Your Path to Success 
There is an easier way, and you don't have to struggle alone. If you want to have a successful healing business and enjoy the journey at the same time, I can assist you to achieve this and more. As your business coach and prosperity guide, I can help you:

  • create your life’s work as a wellness practitioner, while flourishing financially and in other ways meaningful to you;
  • transform inner patterns of lack and limitation and align your energy with ease, joy and prosperity;
  • acquire the business knowledge and skills that will help you create a thriving healing practice;
  • enjoy the process of attracting clients and developing your business and do this in a way that's authentic for you, in keeping with your own wisdom and spiritual values;
  • build your business from the center of your heart, and listen to yourSELF at a deeper level;  and
  • have support on your journey, so you don’t have to experience isolation as a solo entrepreneur. 

Join The Prosperous Healer™ Community

When you sign up, above, for The Prosperous Healer™ e-zine, you'll become a member of The Prosperous Healer™ Community, a global network of healers committed to sharing their gifts and receiving wealth, while helping build an economy founded on wellness, love, joy and service.

You'll also receive my success guide, Attract Clients and Money With Ease and Joy, for FREE!

Attract Clients and Money
With Ease and Joy!

Through The Prosperous Healer™ Programs, you'll:

  • develop the practical knowledge and skills you need to market your offerings, generate sales and build a prosperous business, while focusing and leveraging your time and energy;
  • bring your own unique approach and message forward from within;
  • deepen your trust in your inner wisdom, as you allow your own authentic Inspired Business Plan and Inspired Client Attraction Strategy to emerge and evolve;
  • clear limiting inner patterns that keep you stuck in experiences of scarcity;
  • harness the greater capacity within you to activate the prosperous manifestor you are;  and
  • stand in your abundance as you take inspired actions towards your goals.

The Prosperous Healer's Path™ is designed to help you build a prosperous, fulfilling practice with ease and joy. This coaching process integrates conscious creation tools and practical business-building strategies in ways consistent with your spiritual values and inner wisdom.  Results include an abundance of clients, money and fulfillment.

"Since I enrolled in The Prosperous Healer's Path™ Business Success Coaching Club, the number of clients I have has tripled!  This program contains everything I needed to build a thriving, successful healing business.  Its value outweighs the cost, by far." 

Elyse Shaff
                           Reflexologist & Founder
                           MamaSpa - Wellness Center for Women

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10 per cent of Anam Turas' annual net profits are loaned to small business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

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